Church Membership

Because we believe that a personal commitment to Jesus Christ is to be lived out corporately in the context of a local church, the most important way to get involved at Crossroads Church of Dubai is to become a member.

We regularly host membership classes. Anyone interested in formally committing to the church is encouraged to attend these classes. The classes will also provide you the opportunity to learn more about the church. Classes will cover the church’s statement of faith, covenant and leadership structure, and other distinctives of Crossroads Church of Dubai.

All are invited to attend these classes. However, attending these classes doesn’t oblige anyone to become a member. For those interested in pursuing membership after completing the classes, Pastor Alvin will meet with each individual to get to know each person better and ensure that each person understands and is in agreement with the church’s beliefs. At Crossroads we call this process “Elder Chat.”

To know more about our membership class, please contact  Sallie Cruz